A Request For Feedback


At The Hungerford Building, the place where I share artist space.

Over the last few years, my passion has shifted from writing to painting.

From the start, I’ve been wedded to the idea that all my work would be original, that everyone should be able to afford an original piece of art.

And I still believe that.

And yet…

I’d like to be able to support myself as a full-time artist one day, and selling reproductions of my stuff one way to do it.

After polling people in real life and on Facebook, I realized that folks would appreciate having an opportunity to buy my work, at a slightly more affordable price point.

So now I’d like to hear from you.

As of right now, I’m planning to reproduce my work on magnets, stationery, and cork-backed coasters.

That much I know.

What I don’t know – and need to figure out quickly – is which pieces people like best.

Below, you’ll find eleven images labeled from A-K.

I’d appreciate it if you would tell me which FOUR pieces speak to you most.

And which image you like the least.

Because, you know, I don’t want to order 100 coasters of that pattern if no one is going to buy them.

That would suck.

Feel free to leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook.

I’m excited about my foray into the business world.

Per usual, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I have faith that I’ll figure things out.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


So which FOUR do you like best? Which ONE do you like the least? And why?

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17 responses to “A Request For Feedback

  1. Hi Renee! B, C, D and I speak to me the most, especially I, which reminds me of our daughter when she was little. The round face and pigtails just charm me. G and J are a bit too dark for me. They don’t make me feel as happy/lifted when I see them.


  2. b. f. i . k–yes!!
    j–not so much–just my opinion but you go girl–so happy to see someone’s passion grow to fruition.


  3. I like A, C, D and I because they are bright and cheery. J i like least because it is too blue and H second least for the same reason. They dont shine as much as the others. All are truly awesome but just looking at them, that is what i see. Good luck on your next adventure.


  4. Love these but my favorite 4 are:
    A, B, E, & L
    (Hmmmm spells abel….)
    Any who, A with the hat is my fav, love the whimsy of the hat.
    K is my least favorite (she scares me & looks like she can’t put on her lipstick 😉
    Very exciting. Following your passion you can’t go wrong, wishing you a universe of success!!


  5. Best: C H A L (in that order)
    Least: G E J K


  6. David Albert Pierce (PLG-LLP)

    They are all art pieces for girls. My feedback is you need a few pieces that appeal to guys. You should also figure out your most likely customers and cater to them for example one or two pieces that really appeal to grandmothers, a couple pieces appropriate for a guys room, a couple pieces for a little boys room. Maybe 1or 2 pieces that display friendship and another that displays love. Keep your own unique artistic interpretations and style so it’s not just smultzy corporate creation, but still focusing on the types of emotions and relations that would make a bypassed say “that would be perfect for….” if you are placing your art on commercial products for sale then you need to consider all the special events and relationships in people’s lives in which they are already predisposed to purchase such items and are actually looking to purchase something as opposed to just impulse buys based only on the reaction to the art itself without tying the art to some type of statement/memory/feeling/event that the buyer relates to.

    Hope that helps.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • David. You’re totally right. I do have a few pieces that feature men. (I just did one called Mr. Bossypants.) I’d be interested in seeing what you think. I’ve been asking men which ones they like (since they buy gifts for mothers, daughters, sisters, etc…) and I hadn’t thought that a man would want any of my stuff. I’ll send you a few of those images and you can tell e what you think. Thanks for your honest input. You’re wonderful that way. 🙂


  7. B, C, D, and J are my favorites. Especially B. I’m not crazy about K. I’m not sure what it’s trying to say.


  8. I like a,b and f the most.


  9. I adore B the most I do not like J. All the others I like the same.


  10. B, C, I, J (I see many don’t like J, but I love it!)


  11. E, J, L, D favorites

    K is scary, least favorite

    I’m glad you’re doing this 🙂


  12. D, K, H, and J are my favorites, with D being my favorite. I love D and K because they are different than most of the others. J, along with 2-3 others, reminds me of Klimt because of how you’ve composed them. Thanks for letting us be part of your test market!


  13. I prefer A, B, E and J…. and I am not wild about…K… hope that helps. As fro watching you grow…. we all grow and change, sometimes it’s because we have to, and other times it’s because it’s natural – we learn and grow everyday. Have a wonderful week. Peace.


  14. I’ve been waiting to buy more of your stuff since I bought my 4×4 “love” painting. So glad that you are venturing back.

    For me, there is something to love about all of these, so I am not sure I have favorites – A would be the one that doesn’t speak as loudly to me. Oddly enough, for the same reason that so many love it (the hat).

    I can’t wait to see what is next for you!


  15. I’d be interested in A, B, F or J. Not K.
    You said eleven, so what the L is the twelfth one doing there?
    Spending season starts in less than a month.
    I see potential purchases. Hint, Hint.


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