Policies & Other Junk

I do not accept guest post requests. Most “I’d like to guest post on your blog” requests are from spammers who don’t know me, don’t know my blog, and don’t know my readers. These requests are ignored and deleted.

If I know someone and that person believes he/she can provide a post with content that would benefit my readers (no promo-only posts), I’ll personally make a request. I maintain the right to edit or refuse all submitted guest posts.

I request that guest posts consist of new content that has not already been shared elsewhere. Also, I eguest guest posters to wait a minimum of three months before reposting their portion of the guest blog content on their blog (or elsewhere) and to include a link back to my blog with the notification of where the material had previously appeared.

Reblogging, Quotes & Linking

Reblogging of my posts is not permitted. You may, however, quote up to three paragraphs from one of my blog posts—if you give credit and a link back to my full post. Anything more than three paragraphs requires my written permission. I attempt to reply to all commenters, and I appreciate the opportunity to continue the conversation here, where I won’t miss questions or discussion on the topic.

I consider requests for offline use, but my written permission is required prior to such use.

Use of Photos

You may not use any of the images that are on this blog without explicit permission from me. Everything on this blog is my personal property and whether the images have a watermark or not, they are not to be scraped and used on other blogs, websites or elsewhere. If I see that you have taken an image, I will request that you take it down. I expect you will do so in a timely manner. Failure to comply with my wishes will likely result in communication from my lawyer.

I’m not evil. I just want people to ask permission.

If you have questions or wish to make a request, please email me HERE.

Thank you!


5 responses to “Policies

  1. yerrrr a buntsch more interactive than i think you lead readers on to berleave. however, your “stranger art” and committing art in and with groups, well, you certainly seem to rise above merely going-thru-the-motions of interactiveness. this didn’t have much to do with this page about policies, did(n’t) it?


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