It’s My Birthday and I’ll Website If I Want To


Dear All:

If you’re already a friend of mine on Facebook, you may already know that it’s my 49th birthday today.

(I’m not fishing for presents. Stick with me.)

This year, I decided to invest in myself.

I hired an awesome IT guy (more about him later) who helped to make my vision for a website a reality.

When he told me I could integrate my blog into the new site, I jumped at the chance to do so.

I’m thrilled to announce that RASJACOBSON is now an online shop, open for you to check out my latest creations.

In addition to original paintings, my work is now available on magnets, coasters, greeting cards, porcelain tiles/trivets, ornaments…even jewelry.

If you like my stuff, but have always felt an original was out of your price range, I think you’ll find the price-points very affordable.

I plan to start posting more regularly again.

Not just about my art, but about other stuff. too.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me during this weird transition.

FYI: You don’t have to do anything at all to receive my future posts, and you’ll automatically be redirected to my new blog as posts are created.

If you have found me after November 18, 2016, please go to – you can communicate with me directly from the contact page!

Tweet me @rasjacobson





15 responses to “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Website If I Want To

  1. Congratulations on 49, and on your new website! You and I are age mates – I rolled over 49 back in August.

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    • Hi Jim! And thanks for the kudos! I’m pretty excited. It’s just started up, but I’ve received a lot of activity, so I’m encouraged Maybe I really can make a living as an artist.

      Congratulations on your birthday – belatedly.

      When people ask how old I am, I tell them I’m 54. Because I look GREAT for 54. 🙂


  2. You’re not quite 25 years behind me, Renee. Congrats on the website.

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  3. Dad and I are with you all the way. Good Luck with all you Arts.

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  4. I’ll make no comments about age because, unfortunately, I already have a higher score. I did peruse the website and I bought a few things for gifts. You’ll need to pop out an email every once in a while to let people know when you have posted new products there. I hope you find not just success in this new venture but that you find fulfillment.


    • Hi Brian! I am just seeing that you have placed an order. i literally started to cry! I am so grateful for your continued friendship and support. You have NO idea what it has meant to me. I was just thinking about all the weird connections we have made over the year: The Mega-Thread, your guitar song in honor of The Mega-Thread, not to mention all the personal stories we have shared with each other, off the blog. It’s a fascinating friendship, don’t you think.

      I’m bundling up your stuff right now. I hope you love everything as much as I do. 🙂

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      • There was a strange package in my mailbox yesterday but I’ve been getting them for several months by way of my son who has been seeking out music CDs and having them sent to me. This one was oddly shaped though and at first glance, the return address didn’t register. When it did, I had a big smile. I had an even bigger smile when I opened the package and found it contained not only the beautiful items I’d ordered but also a handwritten note (which I never seem to get from Amazon even though I certainly give them enough business) thanking me for my order! And, that package contained something more that you didn’t, and probably couldn’t, charge anything extra for – a personal touch that warmed my heart. I’m honored to be your first customer from Indiana but with products and service like this, I don’t expect I’ll be the last.


  5. Happy Birthday. Myfather will be 93 on the 29th.


    • CARL! Ot’s been FOREVER! Are you still in Miami? Boy, I sure would love to come down there and meet you! It’s already snowing up here, and I’m hoping to visit Key West this winter. Could we make this happen?

      Happy earth birthday wishes to your father. How are YOUUUUUU?


  6. Many and massive congratulations Renee!!! You so deserve all the rewards and happiness in this new chapter of your life! Though I wished you happy birthday on FB with my perfect picture, happy birthday again Beautiful! ❤


  7. Hey, Renee. I wish it was almost our birthdays again. When will you come back to Charlotte?

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