Friday Quickie #13: Caption This Photo

Look at this picture. What would the caption read?


17 responses to “Friday Quickie #13: Caption This Photo

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  2. “Is he EVER going to let US play??”


  3. The caption would read, “A Fantastic to Get Boys’ Attention Today!” Then you can teach Math or Gun Safety or just about anything.


  4. Dude… go get Tommy he’s about to beat the high score!


  5. Safety First! Aim! Fire! Shoot only at the computer TV screen. Who will be the best aimer and make points?


  6. a) Screw salad, I’m go kill something myself;
    b) When do we tell him the machine isn’t even on;
    c) Maybe if we tell him there’s free drinks at the bar he’ll give us a turn;
    d) I paid for this machine, go find your own.


  7. Now boys, this is how I took down that buck hanging on our den wall.


  8. I hope someone is recording this… Billy Mitchell is going to freak! (Wait, am I the only geek who saw King of Kong?)


  9. “The best birthday party ever!”


  10. “Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?”


  11. I just got back from Indian/Native American World (casino). Dropped considerable amount of wompom ($) in a machine that looks just about the same as in your picture. I should take that little aqua rifle and shoot myself.


  12. Remember, Scouts … tell your parents we went on a nature hike today. There’s a merit badge in it for you.


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