I’m in Manitoba Visiting Ironic Mom, Eh!

I’m guest-posting at Ironic Mom today!

Back in June, Ironic Mom (aka: Leanne Shirtliffe) held a big, exciting contest called “What’s in a Name?” in honor of her 200th post where she discussed how people have butchered, screwed around with, and twisted her name which has kept her entertained for decades.

I could totally relate.

I told her my story here.

And then she told me I won here!

I felt so special!

Then I learned she had used a Random Number Generator to determine the winner.

But privately, she told me she was really psyched I had won.

So that was cool.

As the recipient of the Grand Prize, I got to post on Leanne’s blog.

(Um, Leanne has like 10,237 followers, so I’m hoping some of her people fall in love with me.)

So, my shizz is in Canada today.

Ironic Mom's Place: Home of Thing 1 & Thing 2

Seriously, I’m at Ironic Mom’s today, where she is vacationing in Manitoba.

Click on the picture, and you’ll be there in like one second.

I hope you’ll read my piece and comment over there.

Or here.

Or both.

Either way.

It’s all good.

For those of you who do not reside in Canada, you do not even have to have a valid Passport or go through Customs or anything.

So hooray for hockey and Queen Elizabeth, beavers and Biebers, maple leaves and Mounties.

And all things Canadian.

Especially Ironic Mom.

20 responses to “I’m in Manitoba Visiting Ironic Mom, Eh!

  1. Congrats on making it to Canada, eh!
    And congrats on Monkey learning responsible pet ownership on his own without actually having to own a pet or clean up random piles of liquid spewed from animal openings. If nothing else, he will be more aware if he ever does get a real pet–unless it’s a wolf. Then I would be worried.


  2. So so glad you could make it, eh! Maybe it won’t be virtual some time! Love that Monkey. We’ll take him up here any day.


  3. Ya had me up until Beiber.


  4. Um, please do not mention Justin Bieber. We just wish he would go away.

    Now if you want some Canadian talent, you gotta try Joe Hall and the Continental Drift.



  5. Is Canadian a difficult language to learn?


  6. Found you through Leanne, so I’m certain your grand prize is paying off! I’m a follower now. 🙂


  7. CONGRATS!! You are awesome, so I am sure others followers of Ironic Mom will be enthralled with your post and begin following you!


  8. Fun guest post, Renee…if you ever make it east to New Brunswick, look me up!



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