Blogoversary Winners Announced

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Whew! It’s been one heckuva month!

There are now 21 days until my son’s bar mitzvah.

Can you hear me sing, “Awwwww. Freak out?”

Anyway, thank you all for playing with me in May and allowing me to give back some of the good stuff that you give me!


You just want me to tell you the winners?


The winner of The Write-Brain Book is: Cupcake @VivaAmaRisastall

The winner of Kasey MathewsPreemie is: BaseKamp

The winner of Elena Aitken’s Sugar Crash is: Annie from Six Ring Circus

The winner of Tyler Tarver’s Letters To Famous People is: Brown Road Chronicles

The winner of HotDog Yoga’s Rollpack is: JM Randolph

The winner of Tingo & Other Extraordinary Words is: Astrea Baldwin

The winners of handwritten cards from me are: Julie Davidoski, Kimberly Moore & Amber West.

I need your addresses. Please send them to me here.

Congratulations to all the winners.

{But, of course, you are all winners in my book.}

{But then again, I haven’t finished writing my book, so what does that really mean?}

Seriously though, winners should contact me via email, so I can collect the information necessary to stalk you forever deliver these goods to you.

*collapses on the floor*

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

22 responses to “Blogoversary Winners Announced

  1. I love the “you’re all winners in my book” thing. My dance coach used to tell me that when I’d accidentally fall off the stage during nationals. It was just enough to remind me that 10th place still counts 🙂


  2. HA! So funny! 🙂


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  4. Damn I lost


  5. Yessssss! I am sending my address to you ASAP. Thank you, Renee!! (And yes, I totally heard you sing, “Awwww, freak out!”) You really know how to do up an bloggy anniversary month, so I can only imagine how awesome the bar mitzvah is going to be!


  6. Kimberly Moore



  7. So excited!!! I have been wanting to read that book! You are cool fries with a side of awesome sauce. 🙂


  8. Le freak, c’est chic! Hot damn I won a hot dog yoga bag- sweat! I mean sweet!


  9. How fun! I won something! If I read Tyler’s book will it make ME famous. Then he can write me a letter. Thanks for thinking of me!


    • Steve! You are already famous. If you don’t know TT, you are about to get very happy! The book is formatted a little wonky, but Tyler’s content is solid gold. Like better than the show in the 1980s! 😉 I’m glad you won.


  10. AAAHHHHHH! JM won the yoga bag!!! I’m super jealous right now. Can we like…arm wrestle for it or something?! Wait, no…I’m bad at arm wrestling. how bout a round of backgammon? 😉
    I laughed when you started singing freak out.
    This was so fun. Thanks for the party.


    • EA: if you really love the bag, tweet HotDog Yoga and tell Michael you love the bag. Tell him I asked you to ask how much it is and if he can offer a discount. Who knows? Maybe he will. Can’t hurt to ask, right?

      I would love to play backgammon with you one day! 😉


  11. Congrats on all your blog success, Renee! So honored to have been a part of the celebration!


  12. So happy to have one. Thought I had commented but I don’t see it! THANKS!


  13. So those of us who are losers aren’t really losers, we’re winners? So when do I get my swag?


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