It’s me. Drier. Hilariouser. And more Satirical Than You’ve Seen Me Before.

You’re suddenly made the absolute ruler of your country. What is the first change you make?

No more Speedo bathing suits for men. I’m sorry, but they are just not for the general public. In my whole life of observing men in Speedos, I’ve come to realize there was only one person who could wear that thing. And he was a 17-year old boy. Miklos, wherever you are now, good for you. You had it going on. That garment was made for you. Every other man on the planet, throw them into the fire.

Interested? Good.

Because I was interviewed by The Byronic Man and the rest of my answers are at his place.

Also my title of this post? I stole borrowed it from the tagline from his blog.

See? You like him already. I can tell.

I do, too.

So follow me to The Byronic Man today.

Click on this half of Byro’s face to read the rest of the interview.

While you are there, poke around and check out some of his stuff.

He loves when people rifle through his drawers.

He told me it’s fine.


(Just don’t touch his hair product.)

12 responses to “It’s me. Drier. Hilariouser. And more Satirical Than You’ve Seen Me Before.

  1. omg you are hilarious and smart and funny – I may not read you anymore out of jealousy (hilarious and funny are two different things btw)


  2. I’m glad you left the comments open, Renzay (is that what El calls you? I think something like that, and now it’s been totally stuck in my head for weeks)! I was just over there shoving some of B Man’s Speedos in my pocket so I can take pictures for my blog.

    But seriously – I LOVED your answers.


    • Jules: that is what Lenne calls me. And I love it. And you know I afore you and your support! Did you notice how tricky I was when I linked to you? I’m not too bitter about losing those ‘stache glasses. Not at all.

      Sometimes other people have to win.

      I just need to win more. 😉


  3. Can you be any more hilarious and smart than you already are?


  4. You. Are. The. Best.

    Thanks so so so much for the shout out. Especially since I’ve been mostly MIA for a while.

    My blog is broken and the book is broken and I’ve been feeling a little broken myself…

    Luckily, everything is fixable. (Right? RIGHT?!?)
    Fingers crossed…


  5. You stopped by for a visit and I was absent but I hope you had a good look around. Unlike Byro, you CAN touch my hair products.

    I’ve rummaged around Byro’s drawers before and, frankly, finding that tube of Cheese Whiz next to his package of condoms kind of freaked me out. I’m still washing my hands.

    I’m on Twitter @blogdramedy. Let’s make a drink date for tomorrow and bitch-tweet. By the way today went, I’ll be starting early and finishing late. 🙂


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