13 Hot Bloggers You Should Check Out in 2013

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Last year, I landed on Kludgy Mom’s Top Bloggers List. And I almost died. I clicked on that link 100 times that day because even though she says she’s not a big blogger, Gigi Ross is totally a big blogger. Her recognition made me feel like a million bucks, and it was a great way to start off the New Year.

When I got into bed that night, I decided I was going to keep a list of awesome bloggers for other people to check out this year. This is tres difficult because I follow over 50 blogs, and believe me when I say there are too many great writers out there.

These people represent the folks whose content I consistently love to read. They are also bloggers who interact with their readers, which – for me – is half the fun.

13 Hot Bloggers to Check Out in 2013

Missy at Literal Mom – because she approaches parenting in a smart way.  @literalmom

Kiran from Masala Chica – because she is a hot-blooded woman who speaks her mind (respectfully) yet fearlessly. Did I mention, she is gorgeous and she sings. I dare you to hate her; she’s beyond nice. @kferrandino

Nina Badzin – because she knows her stuff. On life and blogging and books. @ninabadzin

Lisha of The Lucky Mom – because she is as funny as she is introspective. And because she lives in New Orleans: the city which will always hold my heart. @lishafink

Liz McLeannan of  Life With Bellymonster – because she has a way of capturing not only a moment, but how she feels in a moment, that every single woman can identify with. Also, she’s Canadian, eh?@lizmclennan

Rivki Silver at Life in the Married Lane – because she writes about three things I love: food, family and Judaism. @rivkisilver

Val at Arty Old Bird because she is one helluva writer with a unique take on nearly everything. An artist from across the Pond, Val allows people to use her images, provided they give proper attribution.  @artyoldbird

Erin Margolin  – because she writes raw and real. And because I think her cause is awesome. @erinmargolin

Darla at ShesaMaineiac – because she is freaking funny. Always.

Tori of The Ramblings – because she’s all over the place. Who doesn’t love a blogger who just does her thang, tells it like it is, and doesn’t give a crap what you think. @toristoptalking

Misty at Misty’s Laws – because she is grumbly and snarky and naughty.

Jules at Go Jules Go – because she is joy on steroids on chipmunks. Don’t ask. Just read. @juliedavidoski

The Byronic Man – because you can’t love Jules (above) and not love her writing partner, the B-man. They go together like…ra-ma-la-ma-lama ga-ding-ga-da-ging-da-dong. Together forever like… aw, you get the point. Also, he’s my token dude.

There are tons of other bloggers whose shizz I love to read. I hope everyone understands that I was trying to plug some of my favorite smaller bloggers out there. Like me. We can’t all be Le Clown. 😉

What small blogger do you LOVE to read? 

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80 responses to “13 Hot Bloggers You Should Check Out in 2013

  1. Renée,
    Thanks for the mention… One of the bloggers on your list will guest blogtomorrow on ACOF, for the final post of the year… I’m not saying more…
    Happy New Year, friend!
    Le Clown


    • Omigosh! Is it Julie? Or Byro? Or Darla? Oh crap. It’s one of those three, for sure. And then they won’t be small bloggers anymore.

      Well, I hope they remember me from way back when. 🙂


    • Renée,
      Oh… And look who came down from Maryland to pass the New Year’s with us in Montreal: Tracy Fulks from I’ll Be Out In A Minute. Thank you, WordPress!
      Le Clown


      • Le Clown. Are you screwing with me? That link led me down the rabbit hole where I found nothing. I have to say, I’ve been more of a lurker at your place. You are the only BIG, BIG blogger I follow. And yet everyone seems so much smarter than I am. Everyone is sleek and shiny like fast,new cars. And I’m the rusted out jalopy in the talk grass. That said, I’ve been reading all your Inductees. So many cool people, truly. You are something else. If you can resend the intended link, I would appreciate it.


  2. I will have a look at all of these before the day has ended. Thanks for the heads up.



  3. Holy wow!! ME?? I am one of your favorite small bloggers?? Oh, Renee! I am truly and spectacularly honored to be chosen for this list. You are the wind beneath my wings. Or something. Thank you so much!!

    And seriously . . . you totally nailed me with only 3 words. IYKWIM. 😉


  4. Hi Renee,

    All but one are new to me, so I’ll check some of them out!

    A totally deserving, under-appreciated blogger who I would recommend is Tristan: Based on a True Story


  5. Phew! That’s a challenge. These came to the top of my head.
    Leann is American, but was my friend and neighbour when we both lived in Harrogate. She writes beautifully about simple pleasures and memories.

    If you like photos of Spain, not the Spain of the tourist brochures, but a slightly grungy rusted take on life, try: http://elbuenoelfeo.wordpress.com/.

    You introduced me to Leonore Rodriguez, though I guess she’s not a ‘small’ blogger, any more than you are. So you already know http://asalinguist.com/ and http://moderndinosaur.wordpress.com/. Um, there are others too, but that’ll do for starters. Won’t it?


  6. Hey! Look at me! Thank you so much, Renzzz. What an honor! This is a fantastic idea for an end of year post. But I must say, there’s nothing small about your blog, missy.

    Let’s see… I’d recommend Rachel’s Table (rachels-table.com). It’s definitely not just recipes, and you can’t help but love Rache! She’s got great style and humor. I always leave her blog with a smile.

    P.S. – Byroni-who?


    • Whoops, should have included the link so people can just click: http://rachels-table.com.


    • Shut the front door, L’il Miss Secret Keeper. It’s YOU who shall be featured at Le Clown tomorrow, isn’t it? Isn’t it! You or Byro. Or Darla. No, it’s you. I can feel it in my bones. Happy New Years, Jules. You just keep on getting better. Fo reals. 😉

      And thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check Rache out, IYKWIM.


      • Ha! Actually, I can help you narrow it down, at least, because I had the great Le Clown inductee honor last month! I expect Second Husband to find out about me any day now.

        And likewise. You know how much I love your writing, Renzzz. You have such great rhythm – not to mention the imagery… which I always mention.


    • JULES!!! Thank you!!! I feel so special. 🙂 Renzzzzzz (was that too many z’s?) made her way over to my blog and mentioned this comment of yours.

      You just made ME smile. Seriously–thanks for the bloggy love.


      • Hi Rache. Is it too early to call you Rache? I mean, if you can use all of those z’s, I feel like we are really skipping to the next level right away. I’m thrilled to meet you, and those red hot brownies looked…well, red hot. I have a post in my head milling around about mustaches that might have to be linked to both you and Jules. You know, when I finally get it down on paper. So glad to meet you! Any friend of Jules’ is always awesome sauce! And you know I’m following you now, right? Like I read today’s fancy-schmancy post and everything. I feel like we have already gone on an expensive date where I ordered the lobster and now we are going to have to go unsleep with each other, you know? 😉


  7. akismet-069f82b6d320654603807f0aa4a9f1e9

    Great Idea.

    I shall steal it!

    I Looooove Erin! Xx


    • Kimmers! Why are you all akismet-069f82hurgenflurglen. Huh?

      I adore Erin and I adore you, too.

      But you are a big, big blogger.

      But please feel free to borrow whatever you like.

      THAT is a compliment in and of itself.

      My best to you in 2013.


  8. Love that you highlighted your favs. Sure makes it easy for people like me who are finding themselves with less and less time to browse and read (and blog, as it turns out).

    Have a wonderful and happy New Year!



    • Carrie: I’m going to assume that you are blogging less because you have more and more clients to keep you busy. I hope that is the right assumption. Wishing you a fabulous new year. Did you have a favorite small blogger you’d like to recommend? I like to meet new peeps!


      • I’m blogging less (or not at all right now) because I am busy, busy, busy. Yes, clients keep me going, which I love. I’m also getting my teaching credential. After much self-reflection, I realize that my love is with those middle schoolers (except for parenting, that’s a whole other story), and so that’s where I’m going. But, I’m still working with life coaching clients and I plan to get back to blogging. I need to shift directions though, and I’m stuck with how to do that and what it will look like when I do. Don’t you worry though, I”ll let you know when I get back to it.

        To answer your question, I love http://www.runningfromhellwithel.com (of course) and my favorite http://www.swimbikemom.com. She is funny and real and totally relatable.

        Happy New Year! May 2013 be all you wish it to be!


  9. Hey, Renée, thank you so much! 🙂 (Don’t let Le Clown see that smiley or he’ll probably throw his bobble nose at me!) I’m glad I’m one of your 13-going-50 faves!

    I know about a few of my fellow 13-ers, one in particular I love is Darla and her crazy blog, She’s A Maineiac!

    One thing – my Twitter handle is @ArtyValErde not @artyoldbird. I’ve a presence on so many sites around the blogosphere (who says it’s a sphere? Couldn’t it be a rectangle?) that it’s difficult to come up with names for ’em all and I didn’t want to limit myself to just my blog.

    A blogger you will like if you don’t already know about him, is Charles of Mostly Bright Ideas. And – surely you know Fear No Weebles, don’t you?


  10. Great list, Renee! Some are already favorites and a bunch I haven’t read yet … so, I’ll have a new crop for when I restart Lessons Learned in 2013! I love “Mom in the Muddle” – one of my favorites! Happy New Year, love!


  11. Deborah the Closet Monster

    Registered Runaways! I think he’s only been around a few months, but I’ve enjoyed each and every one of his posts during that period, most especially those about grace. (This decision is not at all impacted by his own top bloggers list. Truly!)


    • I will totally check HIM out. I need a few more men in my reader. Although I also follow quite a few men, they didn’t seem to be as high as the chicks on my must read list. Meanwhile you know I follow you without fail. But with all your 10,000 FB followers, well…you are a pretty big blogger. 😉


      • Deborah the Closet Monster

        It is so weird to be getting NO hits from Facebook after having it be the primary source of hits for more than a year. And yet, I am not at all sad to be gone. I only regret that I spent so long doing something I didn’t like before finally giving myself the green light to leave it behind. Even if I have one-tenth the visitors this year that I did last year, I’ll remain glad. Truly. 😀


        • I know that feels weird, but I have every confidence that you will fill the readers of many others in the future.

          Because your writing rocks.

          And even though I knew you had dumped FB, I ASSUMED you had a lot of people come over to subscribe and that you were still HUGE. Bad assumption on my part maybe because you know how much I adore your writing. And your badass stick-figures! 😉 I promise lots of linky-love in the new year.


  12. Awesome list, Renee! I don’t know any of them but, I will! Great idea for an end of the year post!


    • Marcia: You don’t know ANY of them? Seriously? Nina writes a monthly column at WriterUnboxed and is a frequent contributor to Huffington Post and BlogHer and Kveller. Everyone is just incredible. So many amazing women. And, of course, the Byronic Man — my sweet token.


  13. YOu must LOVE making me cry. omg. I’m honored to be on your list…. sniffle…sob…snort…swiping sleeve… xoxooxoxox


  14. I am weeping with you, sister 😉


  15. Renee (I am so sorry, I can never get the fancy tilde thing to work on the e in your name!) Thank you so much for the honor. I am not used to being on any kind of list. Can’t wait to get to know the others you listed! Happy Holidays everyone.


  16. I am so choked up and delighted that you a) read my stuff already and b) shared my stuff here. I’m a lucky, lucky girl, knowing you. You inspire me weekly, my friend, And you lift me up. Thank you.

    Another blogger I read regularly, also a fellow Canuck, is Larry Hehn. He blogs at http://larryhehn.com/ (the blog is called “Christian in the Rough”). His posts often give me pause and like you, he is awesome at promoting other bloggers – he has a feature called Posts With the Most in which he lists his favourite pieces from around the ‘net each month. It’s my favourite day of the month.

    But this? This might be my favourite day of the year! Love you, eh?


  17. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this makes me so happy! I was away all weekend, and this is such a nice homecoming gift! I’m looking forward to meeting more bloggers, you matchmaker you!


  18. I can’t believe you didn’t pick me. What’s up with that?


  19. Haha. All over the place is a nice way to put it! Thanks for the blog love, hula hoop. Makes my heart happy 🙂


    • You do know I mean that as a compliment, right? Like you can write about anything you want. From your wedding to your parenting to your uncle setting his eyebrows on fire. And it all works. And it is all quality. I’ve stopped flagging your posts. They are all amazing. And your Tiny Spark Series? Brilliant.


  20. Thank you, Renee!!! What an honor and I’m so touched you would include me in this list. Many of the blogs you mentioned are new to me. Can’t wait to check them out! And you know you are at the top of my regular visits list!


  21. What a nice post. I see several names I know! Congrats to Nina, Erin, Kiran, and everyone else!

    I don’t know whom to suggest, because I am not sure what constitutes a “small blogger,” but I enjoyed reading!


  22. Oh, man, it was one of my 2012 resolutions to be awarded something based on being a token representative of my gender! I’d all but given up!

    I… I think I’m going to cry…


  23. Wow! Renee! I am flabbergasted! (All this time I’ve been dying to use the word flabbergasted and it’s finally happened!) Thank you for including me in such a great group of bloggers. Seriously. And you know I’m rarely serious…

    I would have to plug one of my fave blogs to read, because her writing is superb and well, I like her a lot: Elyse from fiftyfourandahalf (maybe you already know her? I can’t remember…)

    Also, another plug for Charles of Mostly Bright Ideas. I’ve met him in real life and yeah, he’s just as brilliant and charming as his blog.


  24. Here’s another. The Gentle Author may not be a ‘small blogger’, as I think his audience is pretty big. But if you ever want an insight into London life, from opulent pageant to seamy impoverished side streets, from creative craftspeople to sweat-shop workers, top-end restaurants to neighbourhood family concerns, this is the place to be, every single day of the year.
    http://spitalfieldslife.com/. I love it.


  25. Great list, Renee! I love Erin and Nina so I’m so glad you included them here! Thanks for introducing us to even more great writers! Happy new year, friend 🙂


  26. A few new ones for me, I will have to pop over and see what you have offered up. If you love them I suspect I might.


  27. Wait… did you call me HOT? That’s the most flattering thing to happen in a long, long time. 😉

    I’m so flattered, and a little intimidated, to be on such a list. So I’ll try not to let you down. You know, 2013’s a big year for me!!


  28. I’m so glad you asked. David Harding is pretty much the most adorable Aussie this side of St. Louis. (I’m not sure if that make sense…but I’m going with it anyway.) He’s funny and he often turns me into a Fan Girl for him…which is hard cause I’m totally a dude…..no really, I am.

    http://davidhardingrme.com/ Check him out. He likes Nachos….a lot.


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