A Chance to Vote and A Winner Announced

A few exciting tidbits today.

One of my guest posts has been selected as a finalist in Kludgy Mom’s Best of The Bonfire Series. Gigi went back through her archives and re-read all of the posts that have been written for this series and chose twelve of her favorites.

I can’t even imagine doing this because … nearly every post resonated with me.
Also, I can’t believe I’m a favorite.

Anyhoo, one of the selected posts will be chosen as the Bonfire Post of the Year.

I wrote about a former boyfriend and how he wanted me to…um…go down on him before I was ready. Some of you may remember it.

{no? i’m guessing *Tad does.}

Click on the badge to travel over to Kludgy Mom’s.

If you feel like voting for “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” as your favorite in Gigi’s sidebar, I’d be mighty obliged.

Click HERE to go to Kludgy Mom's!

Click HERE to go to Kludgy Mom’s!

• • •

Also, Tech is home from summer camp and he’s selected his favorite handwritten letter out of all the letters that were sent to him while he was at summer camp.

Before I announce the winner, please let me express my gratitude to everyone who wrote to my son this summer.

You really have no idea how much you helped me this summer. And yes, my son thought it was fun to read kooky letters, but I especially loved learning a little bit more about each one of you.

The blogosphere has introduced me to so many wonderful, caring individuals.

I mean, who has time to write someone’s else’s kid? And during the summer? Shockingly, a bunch of you did! And even if you didn’t, I still appreciate that you continued to read the letters that others had penned. Each letter was representative of the heart behind the hand.

Yesterday, a snail showed up at our home. I strapped some moolah along with Tech’s handwritten response to the critter’s back and sent him on his way.

Since I don’t want to ruin the thrill for our lucky winner, here is a tiny excerpt from Tech’s letter.

Congrats! Your letter was my favorite out of all the letters my mom’s crazy “friends” sent me! Your decision to not use pretty paper and stickers disappointed me, but it set my expectations low which made your corny humor great.

Of course, Don of All Trades, that naughty little rule breaker won my son’s heart. Big surprise. Congratulations to Don! If you haven’t already checked out his blog, please do. Don is consistently funny, and it comes as no surprise to learn there’s a tender heart beneath all that burly man-hair. Tweet him up at @The_DOAT.

Here’s Don’s complete letter to Tech.




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39 responses to “A Chance to Vote and A Winner Announced

  1. I LOVE the letter! Definitely a worthy winner. What a great idea, Renee.
    Congrats on being chosen as a finalist at Gigi’s!


  2. I voted. For you. And am glad that you had the wherewithal to make the decision yourself and not be forced to do something you were not ready for.


  3. Congrats! I hope you are going to keep all the letters to your son at camp in some place where you can look at them years from now!


  4. Oh my God! I’m a winner? I’m a winner? I’m a winner!!!! That boy of yours has some great taste, let me tell you. It was totally worth the 20 minutes of my life (stolen from work ha ha) to write to your son. Tell him, with respect to this portion of his comment: “Your decision to not use pretty paper and stickers disappointment me, but it set my expectations low which made your corny humor great.” that I used to do the same thing with the ladies. I’d show them my junk before we ever started dating so that their expectations were low enough that I could only trend upwards!! Lol. Take that Renee!!

    Thanks for the fun, seriously, you guys. I love this blog and the people you associate with. Oh and good lord, who had the balls to ask a gal for a blow job in 1983??? That Tad had to have a Firebird and a mullet and enjoy sleeveless denim and riding his dirtbike. Nobody else could be that bold.


    • “That Tad had to have a Firebird and a mullet and enjoy sleeveless denim and riding his dirtbike.”

      Are you serious? And more importantly, are you *Tad? Because how else did you know about the mullet and the denim and the dirt bike?! Tell me you aren’t a huge fan of The Who?! Whaaaat?!

      Congratulations, Don! The check is in the mail. And Tech says you can use it on your blog. If you want to.

      I would like to add this disclaimer: I would have liked it if he had used multiple paragraphs rather than written everything in one long chunk. *shrug* What’s a mom to do?


  5. Still laughing. Thanks for that one, Don!


  6. I voted! And I’m impressed that you had the composure to unclasp your necklace. I would have just run away crying and never showed my face in school again. (Reason #218 I’m happy I went to an all-girl school.)


  7. Haha, Tech chose well! Congratulations Don! And as for Tad: that is one wise decision you made. I can see it runs in the family 🙂


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  9. Warn a girl to put down any liquid beverages she may be drinking before reading Don’s letter to Tech. Hot coffee almost exited my nose… LOL! Gotta love Don. He always manages to crack me up. Can you imagine if he decided to write a “life lessons for the teenage boy” book? It would be hysterical…but more than likely, it would stay on the parents’ bookshelf. Congrats on YOUR nomination as well! Headed over to vote. 🙂


  10. Love the letter!! Don cracks me up. I want a handwritten letter too!! Without the camp… Lol
    Great idea for your son 🙂


  11. I demand a recount!!! I was robbed, I tell ya. Robbed!! It was totally unfair and biased towards men! This whole thing is a travesty of justice!! I object!

    Ok, now that that’s out of the way….congrats Don. It makes total sense that you would win, as mentally you are Tech’s peer and he would most readily connect with your advice. You might think that I’m being mean, but that Tech is one smart cookie, so no. I AM calling you juvenile, though, but that’s not mean, just factual.

    Now, go buy me something pretty with your winnings, damnit! 😉


  12. Voted! And, oh shucks on the letter. I thought you had to have a uterus to win.


  13. Don can use the cash to get a tee shirt made of his month in the WordPress Calendar.

    Tech, you rock to put up with all this hilarious foolishness. Bodes well for your future in whatever you decide to do in life.


  14. Don. I expected no less of a letter from you and it’s no wonder you wrote Tech Support’s fave. Is that faint red ink or did you write with a pink pen? Oh, and Ted is now waiting by the mailbox.


  15. I love it!
    Don, want to write to my son next summer? He’ll be 12 then. One caveat: no guarantee he’ll read it since he has a history of passing them to his counselor to read. Needless to say, I wrote less frequently this summer. 😉


  16. I remember that post! It was a WINNER!


  17. Jealous, both of Don winning (very well deserved, loved his drawing!) and of the fact that Don has never written me a letter


  18. ***I wrote about a former boyfriend and how he wanted me to…um…go down on him before I was ready***

    Um, I mean, are you ever truly ready?!

    I must read that! Xxx


  19. Renee, what a fun project — to have your blog readers write letters to your son while he’s away at summer camp. 🙂 I’ve been following along from the sidelines, and so enjoying your sense of humor. Wishing you and your great boy a wonderful year now that summer’s all done! Take care, –Melissa


  20. Don’s letter is a no-frills guy-to-guy kind of thing. And I do love that illustration.

    I love how you made the point that Rihanna is not shy about communicating her sexual values, and so as parents we shouldn’t be, either. I still have some time before we venture into those waters (shudder), but thank you for such an inspiring story. And boo on Tad!!


  21. Congrats Don! You’ve had a hell of a couple weeks here with recognition for your awesomeness!


  22. Bravo! I have ridden a horse one time and …… it wasn’t fun. Off the bucket list, even though it was before bucket lists. Nice letter Don! In fact all of the letters were awesome, Tech must have had a very difficult time choosing. Now it’s time to ‘get back in the saddle’ (so to speak) and get ready for school to start, if it hasn’t already. In our house it’s been in session since 8/22 and a couple of us (who will go unnamed) are already buried! Take care and enjoy your freshman year!


  23. That’s a great letter and I’m not surprised Tech picked it. 🙂


  24. OMG I think I just loved Don Re a little bit more. Ok. Totally, I did.


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