GIVE – a 4×4 canvas – just $25

This year I promised to spend more time cultivating relationships with people who bring me happiness and less time with negative and/or rude individuals. I’ve tolerated that for too long.

When you fill your life with people you love, giving isn’t a chore, it’s easy.

To that end, I’m offering GIVE today.


This 4×4 acrylic canvas is just $25 and that includes shipping & handling anywhere in the United States! (Friends in Canada, you just have to pay a little bit extra.) I accept PayPal, so payment is secure and easy.

Interested? All you have to do is type SOLD in the comments, and I’ll contact you.

I wish you all a year of easy loving and giving relationships.



5 responses to “GIVE – a 4×4 canvas – just $25

  1. **puts hands together in a moment of silent prayer and says…** Please let me be one of those who bring Renee happiness & laughter! Please, please, PLEASE! If I am, I promise to give more back! 😈 😉


  2. You’ll find this year to be a lot less dramatic! I stay away from negativity too!


  3. I agree with Prof Taboo: I pray that I’ll be one of the ones to bring you happiness and laughter.


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