What I Wore – The Parade of Hats

By now, you’re getting the idea that I love hats. Since my last post, the temperatures took a major nose-dive, and in an effort to stay warm (and raise my spirits), I pulled out a few wacky hats from my collection.

Photo on 12-19-14 at 10.39 AM

This little number was given to me by my friend, Teri. Someone in her family knitted (or is it crocheted? Hmmm.) especially for her. Can you appreciate the feather and faux gemstone? I knew that you could.

Then I have this hat:

Photo on 1-8-14 at 10.26 AM

I gave the original Spider hat to a dear friend, but when I had the opportunity to have another one, I simply had to do it. I have absolutely no idea why I made the Hang-10 sign with my hands.

Photo on 12-19-14 at 11.09 AM #2

Now that my son is in 10th grade, my polar fleece jester hat rarely makes an appearance. Tech Support has never said he’s embarrassed to be with me, but I try to be sensitive and not push the dorky envelope too far off the table. My amazing fingerless gloves are from Baabaazuzu, a company that was born in late 1993 after Sue Burns, a gifted graphic designer, cut up the shrunken remains of her favorite sweaters, pieced the fragments together and made jackets with matching hats for her two daughters.

Photo on 12-19-14 at 11.06 AM

I won this colorful skully in a blogging contest held by my friend, author, Kasey Mathews. Jen Wagner the Creator of JAMMS hats designs these great warm hats that are wicked stylish. I love having a pop of color on my head on gray days.

Photo on 12-19-14 at 11.07 AM #5

This stocking hat comes from HandCandy. It’s super warm on the inside, as it’s lined in polar fleece, and the tail is wicked long and can wrap around the neck so the wearer doesn’t need to fuss about a scarf. And while I love the colors and the mix of fabrics, this thing is heavy and leaves me feeling choked. Truth be told, I would have probably done better to swap this hat for a scarf or a pair of mittens because I really adore the varied textiles and broad stitchwork.  For now, I wear this hat as a house-hat. A what?, you ask. Sometimes it’s just so darn cold outside that the chill creeps inside so I keep my hat on even while I’m inside.

And my fingerless gloves, too.

I know, right.

They don’t come sexier than me, folks.

I’m always looking to add to my hat collection, so if you have a hat you’d like to donate to the cause, or if you represent a hat company and you’re looking for a middle-aged spokesperson, I’m your girl.

Stay warm, everyone!


12 responses to “What I Wore – The Parade of Hats

  1. You really are a hat girl! Looking fabulous in all. 🙂 Like you, I wear my hat inside my house along with a scarf and a red Snuggie – if I even leave my bed, that is. I can’t get warm enough!


  2. That’s five hats. Add two more and you’ll have hats of the week and never have to admit to a bad hair day ever again. Because hats. *grin*


  3. I’ve always wanted good hat hair. And cold enough weather to warrant wearing a hat. 🙂


  4. So Renee, do you have more hats than most women have shoes!? 😛
    Love ’em all!


  5. Do you have a special closet for hats? I don’t know where we’d put a bunch of hats in our house.


  6. You look great in your hats, Renee. But the truly amazing thing is how neat your bookshelves are. Are those books alphabetized?


  7. You look super cute in hats. I don’t wear hats because I look super not cute, haha. Except I’ll wear this horrid visor thing if I want to see anything when I’m on the boat or at the beach or whatever. Ability to block the sun takes precedent over cuteness.


  8. Started wearing hats most days I go out of the house. First, because the weather has been too damn cold to go outside without one. Second, I seem to not be able to get a haircut, and the hat holds my hair in place…not sure what place–it’s never the same. But when it’s covered, nobody sees and I don’t care what place!

    Hope you are doing well. Haven’t heard or seen anything new from you. Hoping that’s because you are someplace warm and sunny!!! 🙂


  9. I just like to imagine you in a Colorado Rockies cap.


  10. Ooo baby. Forget the hats. It’s the fingerless gloves that make the woman. Very Dickensian.


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