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Check Out My New Favorite Gadget

I’ve been a little traumatized after recent events.

Turns out that it’s misery trying to post from an iPhone, and this whole waiting-for-my-new-computer-to-arrive thang is turning into a real drag.

Anyhoo, I thought you might get a kick out of my new best friend.

You all know Stewie, right?

Do you recognize my little buddy? My little pal?

He’s supposed to offer me some solace.


You don’t understand how Stewie Griffin from The Family Guy is supposed to offer me peace of mind?

No, I know Stewie is completely obsessed with world domination as well as killing his mother.

Oh, wait! You must not recognize the most special part of my new best friend.

Meet 16-Gigabyte Stewie.

I figure if my new computer ever contemplates crashing, 16 GB Stewie will kick its electronic ass.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read about what happened here.

It could save your life.

Or at least your photos, your most important documents & your sanity.

Don’t be me.

What fun new gadgets have you been playing with?

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