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What Makes You Purr?

I just saw this video, and I had to share it.

Along with a few other things that make me purr.

I love that my husband surprised me for our recent 16th wedding anniversary. We had no real plans, but we ended up at a favorite restaurant for dinner. The meal was divine. Sublime. We felt like we had been transported back to our days in New Orleans when the food was perfect and we were young and our love was new. The next morning, we sped off to Mirbeau Inn & Spa for a little day trip and enjoyed a fabulous couples-massage. (Thank you Ken & Rachel!) Can you say “purr”?

I love that my son will be coming home from overnight camp on Sunday. I am sure he has had a great time, but I am ready for him to come back now, please. In the past he has hinted that he would like to stay all summer, but I’m thinking 3 weeks in long enough. When I see him, I will smell his stinky hair and purr.

As far as music goes, I just got Keb’ Mos song “My Baby’s Telling Lies” as a free download from iTunes. I have listened to it a hundred times. Go and get it. Fo’ Free.

And as far as blogs go, I have been loving Tamara Lunardo’s entire series on “30 days of Vegetarianism.” That girl loves her some bacon, but she is going strong. Even when she had to take a pass on the Caesar salad. (It had anchovies in it!) Check out her blog here. She has it all: from G-d to Tattoos.

It’s been gloriously sunny, and since I’m an exothermic heat-seeking lizard-girl, I’m heading out to sit and spend the day with my friend at her pool. Unless it rains, in which case we will go see the movie The Help, which I understand is very good.

What’s got you going this Purrsday?