Ninja Princess Needs Tiara

Photo by my 10-year old neighbor, Michael Jobling

See? I told you? I can’t help it! I recently wrote about my thing about Halloween and slutty Halloween costumes. I wasn’t even going to do anything this year. But it’s 2 PM, and the Annual Neighborhood Halloween Parade starts in a few hours. And I have to be something. But it’s cold out. Really cold. So, thinking practically, I started with my ski mask, added a pink wig, a tutu from ye olde costume bin, and one of Monkey’s old swords.


I’m a Ninja Princess.

All I need is a tiara.

I’ve got an APB out for one right now, but it’s getting late!

Anyone have a tiara I can borrow?

10 responses to “Ninja Princess Needs Tiara

  1. I knew you couldn’t resist! Bahahahaha!


  2. I’m so proud. Sorry, I can’t help. Maybe if I had girls…..


  3. AWESOME…I would so like to borrow this idea for next year…I will be scouring the clearance bins tomorrow! Hope you had a great time.


  4. If you see one, grab it and add it to the bin. You will need someday!


  5. So sorry I ddin’t see this post until this morning. :o( I have a tiara (two girls), and, of course, you could have borrowed it! We have lots of girly dress-up clothes. I love your costume! I may also have to borrow that idea for next year, and really mortify my teenager! We even have a pink wig like yours!


  6. I once knew a ninja princess. We were engaged to be married, but alas it wasn’t to be. Her father had…

    Sorry, ever since “My name is Ishmael” I like to try out various first lines and see if a novel suddenly comes out.


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