Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Paul Johnson & Leanne Shirtliffe

I have two favorite posts that you simply must read this weekend if you missed them the first time around. Or I won’t be your friend anymore. People like to relax. And there is nothing wrong with that, right?

Paul Johnson caught United States’ President Obama trying to relax in the UK this week. Paul Johnson’s outrageous Scenes from the Special Relationship features photographs of Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron chillaxing together while playing ping-pong. What? Two major world leaders playing indoor sports doesn’t sound interesting? Trust me, my friends. The Good Greatsby‘s dashing wit and uber-hilarious social and political commentary is worth a click. The comments are faboo, too!

Another piece of deliciousness comes from Leanne Shirtliffe aka: Ironic Mom. For those of you who do not know Leanne, let me introduce her to you briefly. Leanne is a teacher, a proud Canadian, and the mother of the devil’s spawn delightful twins who keep her notebooks filled with ideas for new blog posts. Well, this week, you get a double dose of our girl from Calgary. I challenge you not to laugh out loud when you read When Irony Ruins Your Day. And if your kids are outside relaxing this weekend, playing with their water guns, sipping their aqua-tinis . . . well, later on, just make sure the taps are turned off. Leanne would want you to.

That’s all for now. After you do your required reading, have a great weekend.

And try to relax.

What are you doing to relax this weekend?

11 responses to “Posts That Shimmy & Shake: Paul Johnson & Leanne Shirtliffe

  1. Both of those pieces are great for sure!


  2. You rock, my friend. Just to add to my trauma, I’m off to an emergency trip my massage therapist (whom I haven’t seen in 8 months). She’s coming in today just for me. Do you think this has something to do with the water incident? Do you think I can write the water incident off my taxes next year? It’s “writing research…”

    And thanks again. Honoured to be included in a post with Paul!


  3. Greatsby is top dollar trip


  4. I’m headed to the beach for the week! Wooo Hooooo!


  5. blackwatertown

    Reading your blog among other things. Thanks for the two pointers. Really enjoyed Paul’s version of the icky special relationship.


  6. I did the same thing I do every weekend to relax–watched the video of Frankie Goes to Hollywood singing Relax, so I was happy to find the video here.


    • You are the bomb. Of course you realize, now that we have identified you are, in fact, the bomb, we must stop you.

      This whole amazing writing thing, I mean, just how long do you thing you can sustain it? 😉

      Is there a pill that you take? And if so, can I buy some off ya?


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