SAVE FERRIS from Westley’s Awful Mustache in #MMM2

Look Who is Chillin' With Ferris & Cameron

Where have I been all day?

What do you mean?

I’ve been out having a fabulous day, that’s where I’ve been.

Just like Ferris would have wanted me to.

First, I went to Victoria’s Secret and tried on underwear.

It’s true.

Then I had an iced latte.

Then I danced for a while. Afterwards, I took a shower and gave myself a cool hairdo.

I looked a lot like this.

I did.


In case you haven’t heard, Ferris Bueller has made it to the Semi-Finals of Clay Morgan‘s March Movie Madness tournament.

Now Ferris needs your support (again) to make it to the finals of this Best Movie Protagonist competition.

Ferris is up against some stiff competition, namely Westley from The Princess Bride. I can hear you moaning now. Some of you are bound to love The Princess Bride. I know. It’s a great flick, but I have serious reasons as to why Westley needs to go down.

  • Westley has a mustache that looks like a third eyebrow.
  • Westley has a decidedly un-sexy ponytail.
  • Westley is “mostly dead” for much of the movie.

Seriously is this the kind of hero you want to come out on top? Don’t get me wrong, Westley has some witty lines, but I don’t think he is really an epic hero.

So why should you vote for Ferris Bueller?

  • Ferris is always alive during the entire movie. He is never even partially dead.
  • Ferris is always there for his friends and his love.
  • Ferris is never attacked by Rodents of Unusual Size. In fact, Ferris would have been able to charm the rodents and make them love him.
  • Ferris is able to do something to the time/space continuum so that he was able to do more than any one person could do in a single day. That’s because Ferris is magic.
  • Ferris does everything we wish we could have done but were too afraid to do — and he never gets caught.
  • And of course, there’s the whole joie de vivre/seize the day/live life to the fullest because you might not be here tomorrow thing.

So this is (almost) it.

Click over and SAVE FERRIS one more time. You have until noon EST Saturday to do it.

Should Ferris win the whole thing, I will sing a song with all the names of the people who helped bring me to that final victory. So if you’d like to hear your name in song… SAVE FERRIS.

Enjoy this clip my family helped me make to show you how much I am in it to win it.

On an unrelated note, what are you wearing right now?

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23 responses to “SAVE FERRIS from Westley’s Awful Mustache in #MMM2

  1. You are asking a lot…..


    • Duffy, I will sing your name…

      And do you not think my points are valid? 😉



      • I’m gonna have to go with Duffy here, Renee. This, this is a tough choice, my friend. Maybe I shall abstain. I don’t know. Then again, you DID put an awful lot of work into this very eloquent argument….
        Let me sleep on it. (Wait. Did I just think of my character for next year’s competition??? Nah, I’ll most likely forget by then.)


  2. I must tip my hat to Leanne. I borrowed heavily from her format. I know she won’t mind. Because we are in it to win it. And all is fair in love and #MMM2.


  3. You are funneh. Voted. Off to steal some computers so i can vote again.


  4. Did you know I defended Ferris last year? He got so close to winning!! Must win this year! Off to vote.


  5. I did I did idididididiididid!! Good luck to both you and Ferris… 🙂


  6. Not one mention of Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago?


  7. I’m sorry, but I cannot.

    The inside of my wedding band has something inscribed:

    “As you wish.”

    Wesley defeated a sword master, a giant, and out-thought Vincinni!

    Then he survived the fire swamp.

    Ferris would’ve taken one look at the Cliffs of Insanity and gone off to find someone’s lunch reservations to steal.

    I love Ferris – I stuck with until now, but Wesley must win, since Andy cannot.


  8. OK, I have been voting for Ferris the entire time. But Wesley? Damn. It’s hard not to vote for a man who constantly says, “As you wish…” But I won’t. Ferris it’ll be! Good luck!


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  10. I voted for Bueller…Bueller…Bueller….


  11. Woooo lookachu! Can’t wait for that song… 😉


  12. You repped Ferris well Renzay. It came down to less than 5 votes if I remember correctly too. Thanks for making the MMM so much more fun.


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