What Happened To This Binder?

Today I am offering a highly personalized, handwritten card from me to THREE lucky winners!


It’s not like I over-ordered my 2012 New Year’s cards or anything.


Seriously, y’all! This is a good prize! Three people are going to get to see what my whole family looks like… including the elusive Tech Support!

As always, there are strings attached.

Look at the picture below.

Your challenge –should you choose to accept it — is to:

Tell me in 50 words or lessWhat Happened to This Binder?

Seriously? What happened here?

Leave a fabulous comment in 50 words or less for a chance to win.

This one will NOT be determined by Random Number Generator. I will pick my THREE favorites, so write me a cool story. All blogoversary winners will be posted on June 2nd.

Time for me to sit back and relax and read your words!

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47 responses to “What Happened To This Binder?

  1. Running from Hell with El

    Ben looked behind him and he raced, in an almost prancing way, down the pathway. Maddie followed him, screaming, “Give it back, now, you idiot!” Ben smirked, and after he tossed the black binder into the creek, sprinted away from her. And straight into the poison ivy patch.

    Hehehe, pardner. Almost a true story!


  2. The Democrats did it. They get blamed for everything…


  3. Moths. It was moths wasn’t it.


  4. Isn’t this what binders are supposed to look like just before the school year ends, but when there is enough school left to have to buy a new one?

    (I’ve missed you, by the way…have to get back on Twitter 🙂 )


  5. My overzealous dog ate my homework.


  6. Most likely it was the elusive “not me”. He’s the one who always trashes my stuff!


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  8. Renée, although I am not entering your contest, I was motivated by you this morning to write a 500 word flash fiction titled “The Binder’s Call,” which I posted today on my blog Simplicity Lane, and informed my readers about your contest. Steve


  9. It’s obvious that Tech Support’s virtual wolf has returned as a zombie wolf hell-bent on revenge for his untimely death. After fighting him off with a binder, your family has retreated to a panic room where this picture was taken via periscope. (I’m sending help, don’t worry!)


  10. An English professor, tired of students continually writing run-on sentences, unleashed her anger on a binder. (You should see the pencil case…)


  11. blackwatertown

    “OK class, let’s see your work for the past term.”

    Eek! Thinks. Untouched, unopened binder. Looks bad. Rip. Kick. Punch. Tip paper on the floor.

    “Oh dear Jacobson. I don’t even want to look at all that until you fix your binder and get things in order. Next!”



  12. Binder covers make good condoms


  13. Some dog ate it trying to get at the homework inside.


  14. I was going to go with “Dog”, too. But I really like savesprinkles’ idea. Zombie Wolf. That’s totally awesome. I think Tech will like that one, too. Because we think the same. It was definatey a Zombie Wolf.


  15. You know I WANT THAT LETTER. So here goes:

    It’s obvious what happened. You “accidentally” shrunk one of your students, and then traced his torso on the binder spine. You cut it out and hung it on your blackboard as a warning to all of your other students.


  16. I was experimenting in my basement with “homework worms” and things got a little out of control. The real mess is not in the picture.


  17. “But mom, it was the PERFECT material to make a silhouette of Thomas Jefferson for my diarama. And besides, who uses 3 ring binders anymore??”


  18. Jack groaned as the tires on his Ford Pinto spun helplessly on the ice. He gingerly stepped out and wedged his heretofore useless Government text book under the back tire. No joy. Suddenly, Jack saw the black binder in the hatchback – the perfect assist!


  19. Pack-rat student


  20. I think the binder went to practice at the Rochester Fencing Club. Tech Support obviously won!


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